Money Apps We Love: Venmo

Money Apps We Love: Venmo

Have you ever lent a friend some cash for dinner or booked a hotel for a Spring Break trip and then had to track down your friends to pay you back? It happens to the best of us and keeping track of who owes you what can sometimes be near impossible. But thanks to modern […]

Intern Insights: Women in Business


Women in businessEvery week, CollegeDivaCFO will be bringing you our Intern Insights! Its the place where our college interns from across the country can answer questions posed by each other (or even by YOU). We are so fortunate to be working with a team of very talented students. Listen as they share their experience and expertise. Or, better yet, join the conversation! Ask our interns your questions here.

This week, Callan had a question about women in business. Hear what Charlotte had to say about it.

Intern Tuesday: Introducing Charlotte and Kevin!

CharlotteMengPan_KevinEvery Tuesday, CollegeDivaCFO will be bringing you content straight from our interns. All of our interns are college students, who have first hand experience answering your financial questions. They are so excited to be a part of CollegeDivaCFO! We will be introducing these interns week by week. Give them a warm welcome!