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A Creative Way To Tackle College Costs

Looking for a creative way to tackle escalating college costs?

Seven “Work Colleges” are offering students practical and non-traditional solutions to pay down their student loan debt and counter tuition costs. This opportunity makes college much more affordable for more students. The students do everything from public relations, administrative help to...Read More »

Free Tuition (For The Price Of Giving Back)

We were reading USA Today’s Young Money section this week and found a great article we wanted to share. Comments below are by Laura Forth.

We all know that college tuition is getting out of control! Where is the reasoning behind charging a $50,000+ tuition from a student who...Read More »

Student Loan STD's

We are adding HUMOR thanks to Jenny Jaffe who wrote and produced this video for CollegeHumor while attending NYU! Don’t contract student loan debt! Enjoy and tell us what you think! Want more?

...Read More »

Why You Shouldn't Panic About Your Federal Student Loans

Piggy Books

Dear Not-Yet-In-Trouble Federal Student Loan Borrower,

You might have heard that the Department of Education will be sending out letters to millions of student loans borrowers. The letters target borrowers whose grace periods are ending, as well as borrowers who exhibit signs of trouble that could lead to defaulting on...Read More »

TurkeyTableTalks: Student Loans

Thanksgiving probably makes you think of turkey, stuffing and getting together with family. But what happens when we all go home for Thanksgiving? Inevitable questions about finances, that’s what. CollegeDivaCFO wants to help with that. Not sure what to ask your parents about...Read More »

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