EMPowerHoursCollegeCFO is excited to announce a series of interactive sessions designed by your peers with the help of financial planning experts. The sessions are based on the questions YOU want answers to instead of what a bunch of adults think you should be lectured about.

This semester, we will be tackling the topics of ‘college money basics’ and ‘moving off campus’. Our talented intern Julia will be holding sessions at Johns Hopkins University soon. She was trained by financial experts and will have her sessions filmed to share on CollegeCFO.org…thus the “e” for elearning.

Downloads include: 

  • Money Basics
  • Moving Off Campus
  • College Money Basics*
  • Creating Money Goals and Getting Organized*
  • Budgeting in College and After*
  • Moving Off Campus*
  • Building Solid Credit*
  • Student Loans*
  • Investing*

*Coming soon!

You can choose to watch each session online and ask questions via our website, or you can be the thought leader on your campus and offer eMPowerhours™ at your school. Share it with your professors or club members and try your hand at leading a session! In addition to mentioning this on your resume, you can test out your public speaking skills! Speaking publicly at your first job is always easier when you’ve spoken amongst your peers first! The more experience the better!