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In college, you can independent and finally be your own boss, finally. With independence comes responsibility and  that includes financial responsibility.

While you’re keeping track of social life and classes, who’s looking out for your spending, savings, credit score and student loans? If you ignore these aspects the REAL WORLD will be even meaner than you think. But it doesn’t have to be that way. YOU can take control…and the time to start is now.

At College CFO, our mission is to empower college students to be their own Chief Financial Officers. Our student-driven organization provides resources to educate students about budgeting, student loans, interviewing, investing, credit cards and much more. We also strive to engage our users to find out what issues are important to the community. Learning is a dialogue with College CFO, not a lecture. 

We believe that being responsible about your personal finances and landing a great job goes hand in hand. For that reason, we offer constantly updated job boards and daily doses of financial help and career advice. We also offer a Financial Empowerment Badge that human resource departments recognize as an essential addition to any resume.

Most importantly, we get it. We’ve made College CFO easy to weave into your everyday life, fun and relevant to what you’re going through in college. These are some of the most important lessons you can learn at this time in your life. Isn’t it time to give personal finance a second look? Did you know that being responsible about repaying your student loan can help you buy your first car or land a fabulous apartment? We will teach you how!

Our Story

College CFO’s beginnings go back to 2011, when Susan Bruno and her daughter, Stephanie, founded a company called Diva CFO. Their mission was to empower women to become their own personal Chief Financial Officer by making it a fun experience. Inspired by her college interns at Diva CFO, Susan decided to expand her mission to help all college students. Not long after, she founded College CFO as a fun, student driven platform for financial help.  In 2014, College CFO partnered up with iGrad to create a subscription service and brand their Financial Empowerment Badge.

College CFO continues to be led by Susan’s vision, guided by one of her best and brightest interns and  its board of expert advisors. They continue to have your voice through an incredible team of college ambassadors across the country.

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