The Struggle of Living Alone

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I love having an efficiency-style apartment close to campus. I love being able to play my music as loud I want without worrying about waking my non-existent roommate. I love being able to decorate my space however I want. And I love having an environment that feels like mine, and…

The Pledge for Success

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At College CFO, we’re creating a culture of financial responsibility in this generation of college students and recent graduates. Because let’s be honest, being financially independent feels great! It means no longer depending on your parents to fund your lifestyle, taking responsibility for your spending and finally standing on your own two feet….

The Unspoken Mentor by Richard Branson

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From the chapter ‘The Dying Art of Listening: Listen – It Makes You Sound Smarter’ in ‘The Virgin Way’ by Richard Branson A really skilled listener not only takes in what has been said but what will also hear what has not been said. One of the easier results of…

Understanding the Student Loan Bill of Rights

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This week, Obama signed the ‘Student Loan Bill of Rights’. We all know that Obama is committed to making higher education available to everyone (#CollegeOpportunity), but student debt is currently off the charts at over $1 trillion dollars. The student loan landscape can get a little confusing, so we’ve broken…

Our Voice: Meg, Loyola University

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I learned that one of the most important aspects of financial health is paying off credit card debt. In the future I will be more aware of spending on my credit/debt cards so I don’t overspend on them. -Meg, Loyola University This testimonial was given about iGrad’s online platform, which powers