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Can I Rent A Car Myself For My Spring Break Trip?

Road tripBefore making a reservation for a cheap rental car for your Lake Tahoe trip, you should first read the fine print or even call about the age requirement. Sure, you can make the reservation online, but you are likely to get stuck at the rental counter when you present your driver’s license (required and yes, the real one!)  Most car rental companies have a non-negotiable minimum age requirement of 25. Some companies will allow younger drivers (usually 18 to 24) to rent a car but you may be subject to a “younger driver” surcharge which could really blow your budget. Also be aware that if you want that big Suburban to cram everyone in and share the cost, some agencies impose an upper age requirement for certain specialty vehicles like the Suburban or convertible BMW.

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How Much Could I Lose If I Lost My ATM Card?

Lost ATM cardYour liability for unauthorized transactions using your ATM or debit card depends on how quickly you notify your bank of the loss. Guidelines for determining your liability are as follows:

Unauthorized use of card

There must be an unauthorized use of your card.

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Oh No! My ATM Card Is Missing? What Should I Do?

OhNONotify your bank

If you discover that your ATM or debit card has been lost or stolen, or if you see strange transactions when you log on, notify your bank immediately. You should call your bank first, since this is the quickest way to notify it. Write down who you spoke with, along with the date and time and include that in a follow up with a letter so that you have a record.

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What Should You Do If Your Credit Card Is Lost Or Stolen?

TheftCall the card issuer immediately:

If you discover that your credit card is missing, or if you discover someone else has you’re your card, call the card issuer immediately. Most card companies provide 24-hour customer service for such emergencies, but you have to know the number. If your card has been stolen, you won’t be able to flip it over and dial the toll-free number printed on the back. It’s important to keep this information in a safe place so we hope you put it in DivaDocs app!

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What Should I Consider When Shopping For A Credit Card?

stk96558corEvaluate the costs and benefits

All credit cards will cost you something (although some may cost more than others), and most of them will offer you a variety of benefits. When evaluating a credit card offer, here are some points to consider:

  • How widely (internationally, nationally, regionally, or locally) is the card accepted?
  • How much is the total credit limit, and how much is the cash advance credit limit?
  • What’s the interest rate, and how is it calculated?

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Why Do I Need A Budget? To Reach YOUR Goals!

ConvertibleOnce you know where you stand financially by creating your first budget only then can you work toward reaching your goals. Want to buy a car or go on that Caribbean trip for Spring Break? With a plan, you are in a position to know whether you can ever afford it. Without a plan you are shooting in the DARK and you will be forced to make the same lame excuse to your parents that you “want” but you have not proven to be responsible with what you already have. Prove them wrong by presenting the plan to get that 2002 Jetta or trip to CA. You will know how aggressive you need to be in order to achieve these goals, and therefore you can design a spending or savings plan that fits YOU!

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Doing "Good" On A Budget

Meet Arati Sureddi. She is a social entrepreneur who has worked at start-up non-profits all over the world. In 2013, she founded LOTUS Alliance, a social enterprise addressing human trafficking and forced labor through the responsible tourism industry. LOTUS Nomads, an online travel agency that lists hotels upholding the highest human rights standards and labor […]Read More »

Challenge Your Money!

The AICPA’s financial challenge “Ready, Set, Goal!” is kicking off week two with a question: Are YOU tracking your spending and saving? If the ‘spreadsheet budget’ is too old school for you, we’ve got some great alternatives to try! We’re sure you’ve seen your friends using an app such as Mint or Level Money to track […]Read More »

Financial Literacy Expert For College Students

Annamaria Lusardi is an icon within financial literacy for university students. She has spent many years teaching and researching and now is a School of Business Denit Trust Distinguished Scholar in Economics and Accountancy at George Washington University. She was recently interviewed on financial health for college students and here’s our take.  Financial literacy is […]Read More »

Take Control Of Your Finances

Need some fast and furious tips to get started saving and spending smarter?  Check out this video to learn quick tips that will help you save money in your sleep.  It’s important to spot your needs versus your wants and how to review the statements you get on a regular basis.  This is part of […]Read More »

Did Target Thieves TARGET You?

TargetHow can I protect myself against identity theft?Even if you are not a victim of the cyber crime at Target (a victim too!), the chance that someone will assume your identity to open fraudulent bank or credit accounts is increasing as thieves become more sophisticated. The best way to protect yourself is to try to prevent this from happening in the first place. Here are some ideas:Read More »

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