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How To File A Personal Income Tax Return

April Is Financial Capability Month!

In honor of National Financial Capability Month, the AICPA is running a financial fitness challenge this month called “Ready, Set, Goal!”.

This week at CollegeCFO, we’re all setting goals for ourselves. Do you want to be able to be financially independent after college? How about being able to afford...Read More »

Check Out The FindSpark Job Board

Our interns came across a great resource while looking for jobs and internships that we wanted to share with you: FindSpark.

Previously called NY Creative Interns, FindSpark is the largest online Meetup group for recent grads and interns in the country. It provides job listings for both...Read More »

Should I Get My Master's?

Debating over whether to pursue a graduate degree? Will all of that hard work really pay off in the end? Georgetown University’s Study, “What’s It Worth? The Economic Value of College Majors”, can now tell you exactly how much you can expect it to pay off. They provide...Read More »

10 Favorite Interview Tips

In case you missed our eMPowerTips this week, we thought we’d share them on the blog! Sign up for our weekly emails if you want more great tips like these!

We hear you! With your crazy schedule of lectures, exams, and social life, its hard to keep it all together...Read More »

Does Your Paycheck Seem Too Little?

Chances are many of you have had a summer job in high school, earning extra spending money in college or actually putting yourself through college. If so, were you shocked when you received your first paycheck?  It can be a shock for many when they put in...Read More »

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