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Buying And Renting Off Campus Housing Without A Credit History

How To Share Expenses When Living Off Campus

I Am Renting My First Apartment And I Have Been Told To Get Renters Insurance.  What Is It And How Much Do I Need?

moving boxesYou just moved into your new apartment and your new MacBookPro and some jewelry were stolen when your roommate had a bunch of friends over for the weekend.  Is there anything you can do other than get mad and cry to your parents to replace them?  The answer is YES: Make sure your personal property is covered by an appropriate insurance policy, and then place a claim for the loss!  Here’s how this works:

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EMPowerHoursIt’s not what you think…but don’t be disappointed! Our eMPowerHours have nothing to do with a drinking game but instead livable lessons relevant to YOU! They are interactive sessions designed by your peers with the help of financial planning experts. The sessions are based on the questions YOU want answers to instead of what a bunch of adults think you should be lectured about.Read More »

Intern Insights: Living with Roommates

Living With RoommatesEvery week, CollegeDivaCFO will be bringing you our Intern Insights! Its the place where our college interns from across the country can answer questions posed by each other (or even by YOU). We are so fortunate to be working with a team of very talented students. Listen as they share their experience and expertise. Or, better yet, join the conversation! This week, Laura had a question about sharing expenses and living with roommates. Hear what Rachel and Callan had to say about it. Read More »