Asset Management Winning Women Undergrad Experience

Women in business

Hey CCFO readers! We got word of this amazing program that JP Morgan is putting on this year! Its called the “Asset Management Winning Women Undergrad Experience”. It gives undergraduates the chance to meet and listen to the most inspiring leaders at JP Morgan. Looking to get a foot in the door in the finance […]

4 Easy To Get College Scholarships

Student Loans2

USA Today knows scholarships. They posted a list of four easy scholarships that any student can apply for with little to no effort. Free money? That’s right! Click here for more information on the following scholarships! 1. U.S. BANK SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship: $1,000 Amount: 40 How often: Annually Qualifications: Being a US citizen and a high school […]

What’s Career Training, Anyway?

The Opt Out Generation Wants Back In

Hey CollegeCFO Readers, We came across a great article in the New York Times website this week called “Is Your Student Prepared for Life” by Ben Carpenter. It poses a question that I think most upperclassmen and recent grads are asking themselves right about now: Am I prepared to get the job that I want? When […]

Susan on the Radio!


We are so excited to announce that Susan Bruno was just featured on WTOP, speaking about a subject that affects all of us: how much money we should be receiving from ‘the bank of mom and dad’. Some (if not most) students and recent grads receive some sort of generous allowance from their parents, but should that […]

Top Colleges of 2014


Hey CCFO readers! I came across an article that I thought you would enjoy! Every year, Forbes and many other sites release a ranking of the Top Colleges. This year does not disappoint (Williams, Stanford and Swarthmore took the top three spots!). Forbes calls this year’s list proof of “higher education in flux, ongoing debate […]

Check Out EBATES!


Hi everyone! This is Carrie, back from studying abroad in London town. I admit that while I am broke (despite my thrifty habits in London) there are some purchases that must be made before you go back to school, be it deodorant, textbooks or what have you. We at CollegeCFO promote saving your money, HOWEVER, […]

Money Basics for College Students Event

Susan Small

Join Susan Bruno at the Darien Library in Darien, CT on Tuesday July 29th at 7:00 P.M. to learn what they don’t teach in college about how to handle money basics. There’s great information for students of all ages (and parents too)! Students will learn how to survive in college on a budget, learn the […]

Do You Know Your Financial Personality?

What Is A Diva?

What Your Money Habits Say About You. by Mackenzie Maher Supplied by igrad There is a wide array of tests and mechanisms to identify the personality of an individual. These tests are designed to help you understand yourself, your actions, and your attitude towards the world in general. Understanding human personality characteristics is a very broad area […]

The New York Daily News: Reality Checks| A Little Grunt Work


July 8, 2014 NYC  Susan Bruno gives the following advice in the New York Daily News! Talk about Money| Kids want to know the basic concepts and who better to teach them than their parents!  Tip #1: Identify Wants vs. Needs Tip #2 : Cut Costs: Learn NOW before you have to pay the bills yourself “in […]

Five Ways to Save Real $$ as a Wedding Guest

Tax refund image

What to wear: Shop consignment shops in the high rent district (think manhattan, borrow from a friend or rent a dress! Try and be sure to get the backup dress!  Remember YOU are NOT the bride!  You can also find amazing accessories and even shoes for a fraction of the cost to buy new! Time […]