Challenge Your Money!

InternshipThe AICPA’s financial challenge “Ready, Set, Goal!” is kicking off week two with a question: Are YOU tracking your spending and saving?

If the ‘spreadsheet budget’ is too old school for you, we’ve got some great alternatives to try!

We’re sure you’ve seen your friends using an app such as Mint or Level Money to track their spending. Try them yourself this week! They are free to download and only require your honesty in tracking your spending.

There are also apps connected directly to a debit card. (So no cheating!) Moven is a great example of this type of company.

Want to keep track of how much you’re paying your friends? Try Venmo! Its great for everything from splitting bills to paying back your roommate.

So here’s our simple challenge to you:

  1. Pick your something you buy all the time. (Coffee, anyone?)
  2. Find out how much you spent on that thing this week.
  3. Think about what you could do with that amount if you had saved even a little. Is it time to make a change?
  4. Download one of these great apps to keep tracking your spending.

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