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Susan on the Radio!

We are so excited to announce that Susan Bruno was just featured on WTOP, speaking about a subject that affects all of us: how much money we should be receiving from 'the bank of mom and dad'. Some (if not most) students and recent grads receive some sort of generous allowance from their parents, but should that be the case? Journalist Randi Martin explores this topic with several interviews and examples, including those of Bill Gates, Sting and George Lucas who do not plan on leaving their … [Continue Reading]


Top Colleges of 2014

Hey CCFO readers! I came across an article that I thought you would enjoy! Every year, Forbes and many other sites release a ranking of the Top Colleges. This year does not disappoint (Williams, Stanford and Swarthmore took the top three spots!). Forbes calls this year's list proof of "higher education in flux, ongoing debate between the value of liberal arts vs. STEM degrees and a winning formula of high student satisfaction and graduation rates, alumni career success and low student … [Continue Reading]


Check Out EBATES!

Hi everyone! This is Carrie, back from studying abroad in London town. I admit that while I am broke (despite my thrifty habits in London) there are some purchases that must be made before you go back to school, be it deodorant, textbooks or what have you. We at CollegeCFO promote saving your money, HOWEVER, we recognize that this is not always possible which is why I’m bring the site EBATES to you. For those times when we do have to purchase things, you might as well get it at the … [Continue Reading]

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