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The Resume Disappearing Act

Hey CollegeCFO Readers! We found this interesting article in the NYTimes this week that we wanted to share! Called 'Your Resume vs. Oblivion', it discusses submitting resumes online and watching them disappear into the abyss. The reason for this disappearing act is usually HR computer programs that use keywords to weed out unqualified applicants. How can they be sure who's really unqualified? That's the problem. The need for these computer programs is clear: Today, up to 50% of applicants … [Continue Reading]

What Is A Diva?

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Did you move back home after graduation? Are you still looking for a job? Have you landed one just to keep everyone happy even though it's far from ideal? Does it even pay enough to pay back your student loans, let alone be able to pay rent or buy something other than ramen noodles? Are you wondering if you will ever be able to afford a car if you can't even get out of your old bedroom? CollegeCFO wants to hear from YOU! We are a student driven, peer-to-peer financial empowerment platform for … [Continue Reading]

Women in business

Asset Management Winning Women Undergrad Experience

Hey CCFO readers! We got word of this amazing program that JP Morgan is putting on this year! Its called the "Asset Management Winning Women Undergrad Experience". It gives undergraduates the chance to meet and listen to the most inspiring leaders at JP Morgan. Looking to get a foot in the door in the finance industry? Just need a healthy dose of inspiration? This program may be for you! Check out the details below to apply! ASSET MANAGEMENT WINNING WOMEN PROGRAM – NEW YORK Date: … [Continue Reading]

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