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At College CFO, we’re creating a culture of financial responsibility in this generation of college students and recent graduates. Because let’s be honest, being financially independent feels great! It means no longer depending on your parents to fund your lifestyle, taking responsibility for your spending and finally standing on your own two feet.

Skeptical? We’ve got plenty of College CFO members (and at least one celebrity named Richard Branson who wishes he could have been a member) who agree. Even though the real world might scare you, it’s way better to be prepared.

Only YOU have what it takes to educate and empower yourself. Join us in taking the Pledge for Success to get started:

  • I will be successful in life because I am educated and work hard. I understand that my education comes neither easily or for free.
  • I overcome the urge to slack in class because I know that my success in school matters to my future.
  • In addition to sticking to a budget, building good credit, and continuing to save, I strive to understand and take responsibility for repaying my student loans.
  • I will achieve financial independence from my parents because I have the work ethic and the tools to become financially empowered!

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