Credit Or Debit? How To Safely Make Online Purchases

TheftShopping online for cheaper schoolbooks?  Be aware of the dangers of identity theft and online hackers who can easily access your information.  When shopping online always use a credit card.

Credit cards also offer more protection because if identity theft occurs, funds are not being directly withdrawn from your bank account. With a debit card, they are.

Debits cards do have some protection against identity theft but it is much more limited than credit cards. For example, if unauthorized purchases occur, you might only have 2 days to contact your bank after theft while credit card companies allow up to 90 days.  Plus credit card companies have much better liability protection.

Don’t have a credit card? An even safer way to shop online is to use a disposable credit card.  You can find these at any local pharmacy, gas station, etc.  These are the best way to make safe purchases without the risk of identity theft.

Also remember to make online purchases at home or in private.  Overall, be cautious of fraud.  As long as you follow these tips, you will be in the clear.

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